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«ADVANCED MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES» is an international team of professionals working in the field of Regenerative medicine and Stem Cell Therapy, created by people with professional experience in the field of health care. For more than 10 years, we have specialized in Stem Cell Therapy.



Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

«ADVANCED MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES» is one of the world's scientific and clinical leaders in the field of using the regenerative properties of stem cells for the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system.
For more than 10 years, we have been helping patients with hard-to-treat neurodegenerative diseases.

About Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

What is Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy?


Types of Stem Cells used for the treatment



Stages of Stem Cell Therapy


Safety of Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

What is Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy?

Type of Stem Cells we use for treatment?

Stages of Stem Cell Treatment?

Safety of Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy?

Additional options for Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy is suitable for patients with many hard-to-treat diseases, for example:

  • Digestive System (Crohn’s Disease, Peptic Ulcer Disease, Chronic pancreatitis, etc.)
  • Endocrine diseases (Erectile dysfunction, Type 1/2 Diabetes, Obesity and Weight Loss, etc.)
  • Respiratory diseases (Pulmonary Fibrosis, Asthma, etc.)
  • Cardiovascular diseases (Hypertension, Atherosclerotic vascular disease, etc.)
  • Arthritis
  • Immunotherapy
  • Antitumor vaccine


In our cell laboratories, we carry out the procedure for isolating the client’s biomaterial (adipose tissue, bone marrow). After being tested for infection, the cells can be stored in our biobank for decades. If there is a health problem, the cells can be thawed and  immediately used to treat the patient.

Cord blood is the blood that remains in the placenta and the umbilical cord of a newborn after the umbilical cord has been cut. This blood is rich in Stem Cells, which can later be used for medical purposes. Cord blood Stem Cells from newborns are 100% suitable for the child and 50-75% for close relatives and can be used immediately to treat the most severe diseases.


What People Says

Patient Testimonials

Sunny boy with Down Syndrome. Stem cell biotherapy. Video feedback

We already know that stem cells cannot change DNA and the number of genes. But it has already been scientifically proven that they have an epigenetic effect. That is, they have the ability to «mute» the work of the wrong genes, creating a favorable background for the cognitive development of the child. They also have

Diagnosis: Parkinson’s disease

I am (Kalanova Feruza) 46 years old and have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for 8 years. I learned about cell therapy from a Turkish neuropathologist. Everyone around me told me that this method of treatment is not yet fully understood. At the beginning, I thought to carry out this treatment in Turkey, but I had

Unfortunately, today there is no method that could affect the chromosome set in Down’s Syndrome

But to give impetus to psycho-speech development, increase immunity and make «sunny children» stronger and stronger — all this is within the power of Stem-cell therapy! Review and video of the mother of our 2-year-old patient 4 weeks after Stem-celltherapy: Before: slept poorly, tired quickly, did not walk independently, with support by the hand, wobbly

Review about us by the mother of our little patient with an autism spectrum disorder and delayed psycho-speech development from Kazakhstan

For more than a year now, Bogdan and I have completed a course of regenerative biotherapy with stem cells in a clinic in St. Petersburg. We decided to travel in February 2022. It was hard to believe that it would work. Howeve the clinic staff accompanied us from the day of treatment, met and escorted