Cirrhosis of the liver


Cirrhosis of the liver

— is a dangerous disease that can lead to serious complications. The insidiousness of the pathology lies in the fact that the initial stage proceeds with the complete absence of symptoms. If you encounter this issue, don’t despair! There is a method that can help you return to a fulfilling life!!



Causes, symptoms and consequences of liver disease

Every year the number of diagnosed cases is growing inexorably. The most common cause of liver cirrhosis is alcohol abuse. In second place among the predisposing factors are past viral infections (hepatitis B or C). On the third — non-alcoholic fatty degeneration of the liver, which develops due to the abuse of fast food, animal fats and insufficient physical activity. Each of these reasons contributes to the fact that the volume of healthy and normally functioning cells in the liver is significantly reduced. Their death provokes the formation of a large amount of connective tissue. Accordingly, the vascular system of the organ and its structure are rebuilt. The result is the inability to perform their functions.

The insidiousness of the pathology lies in the fact that the initial stage proceeds with the complete absence of symptoms. It is possible to diagnose a deviation at this stage only by chance — for example, during a preventive examination. And at the last stage, the development process becomes uncontrollable and already irreversible. The likelihood of serious complications in this case increases significantly. The most terrible of them are cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer and hepatic coma. Both the first option and the second one are almost a sentence for a person.

One of the most burning questions that arises in patients or their relatives when the diagnosis is announced is the question of the possibility of curing liver cirrhosis. Previously, it was believed that the process of replacing hepatocytes with connective tissue is irreversible, but the use of stem cells in the treatment of a disease can slow down or stop the progression of the disease and eliminate pathological changes in the organ.

Not so long ago, it was believed that only the most radical measure — organ transplantation — could save the patient. This was thought until stem cells were discovered. Now they are being used to treat cirrhosis of the liver, and Stem Cell Therapy is showing great results.

Therapy with Stem Cells in Cirrhosis: essence and features

In any organism there are original precursors or preparations for normal cells. In fact, these are immature cells that can renew themselves. But their main feature is that they can be transformed into cells of any organ, and therefore perform their functions.

Depending on the stage of the disease, the age of the patient, treatment programs can use both the patient’s own (Autologous) mesenchymal stem cells and donor (Allogeneic) umbilical cord blood stem cells.

And also a unique combination of stem cells from different sources can be used, which enhance the action of each other.

Stem cells are administered by intravenous infusion (droppers). The number of cells and the frequency of injection procedures is determined by the doctor in each case. Typically, the procedure takes 40-45 minutes and is supervised by specialists and constantly monitored for blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and respiration, temperature and general condition of the patient.

The uniqueness of Therapy with Stem Cells lies in the fact that stem cells have the ability to independently find the source of damage and the cause of the malfunctioning of the organs and systems of the body. They migrate to the source of the problem and cause a whole cascade of regenerative reactions there, restoring impaired functions. After the introduction of stem cells into the liver, the process of formation of its new tissues begins, and its speed is higher than usual. By interacting with healthy liver cells, the production of bioactive substances starts, which contributes to faster regeneration and division of hepatocytes. As a result, the cellular composition of the liver is noticeably renewed, as is the vascular network damaged by cirrhosis; further replacement of hepatocytes with connective tissue slows down and resorption of coarse fibril fibers occurs. The result is the restoration of normal liver functions and an improvement in the patient’s condition.

To obtain the most complete information about the possibility of using Therapy with Stem Cells specifically in your case, you need to consult with your doctors. Don’t delay your treatment! Sign up for a free consultation with the clinic’s specialists and give yourself the opportunity to live an active and fulfilling life!



Depending on the patient’s condition (the stage of disease, the presence of complications and concomitant diseases, etc.), the doctors of our clinics can make changes and additions to the treatment program according to the patient’s needs.
We warn that the effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy depends on many factors (the patient’s age, concomitant diseases, and complications, individual characteristics of the body, genetic predisposition, lifestyle, etc.), so the expected result of treatment may differ from the actual result. In addition, we draw attention to the fact that the recovery of patients after Stem Cell Therapy should be implemented as part of a comprehensive approach to treatment after regenerative cell therapy. Stem Cell Therapy can be combined with other therapeutic methods. This increases the effectiveness of the main therapy. Therefore, we recommend that you continue your rehabilitation and follow all your doctor’s advice on drug treatment of the disease in parallel with Stem Cell Therapy. This is a crucial point for achieving a sustainable result.

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You need to consult with the doctors to get complete information about the possibility of Stem Cell Therapy specifically in your case. Sign up for a free consultation with the specialists of the clinic and give your child the opportunity to live an active and full life!

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